About beginning of pregnancy

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Chest increases from the beginning of pregnancy, Losenoidoomock, and during breastfeeding becomes heavier, the skin is stretched. In this case the ligaments that support her, no longer able to do its job as good as before. Occurs ptosis breast, ptosis. How noticeable this will be depends on the initial condition of your Breasts before pregnancy and childbirth. The younger they are, the breast tissue more elastic. The more trained the pectoral muscles, the “above” the chest. After lactation the breast grows to the same size, but the elasticity of her is often lost. In this case, it makes sense to go to a plastic surgeon. To correct the deformity of the breast mastopexy — the operation of lifting the breast.

Indications: ptosis and reshape the Breasts.

Contraindications: if you are planning the birth of another child, the operation is better to postpone, because the breast during pregnancy and lactation will be growing again.

What is the essence of the operation. There are several ways to perform a mastopexy. However, regardless of which method is used, the essence of the operation is that the surgeon moves the nipple to another place, thus removing some of the excess skin.

The difference between the methods of mastopexy is in the form of incision and the site of application. With the full mastopexy with an incision having the form of an anchor with the beginning at the base of the areola. Full mastopexy is the most traumatic type of operation for breast lift and is indicated for severe forms of deformation of the mammary glands. Other types of mastopexy, such as sickle, less traumatic, require for their implementation the application of sections of short length and are used for women with unexpressed deformity. The operation takes about two hours, it is performed under General anesthesia. After surgery impose special cosmetic seams, which leave almost invisible scars.

The recovery period is an average of 4 weeks, the first day will need to spend in hospital, then you can go home. Within 2-3 weeks after surgery is necessary to wear compression underwear. In addition, in the next month in any case, can not lift weights and play sports. At first there may be pain and swelling, which gradually subsides.

Result. A year after the surgery, stitches are no longer visible, and the chest has a smooth rounded shape. But the result of the mastopexy is not eternal, and in 5-10 years the chest will be lowered to its former position.

The Council. The surgery is indicated for women with small to medium Breasts. If the breast is initially large, then operation is also possible, but the cosmetic effect would be extremely unstable.